i was born today XP


  • am now nineteen... what a weird age (0)
  • i do not feel as tho i failed most of my college courses x (++)
  • thought i was dead for like 3 weeks which was cool in retrospect (stress delusion moment) (++)
  • had a rick and morty hyperfix this year. kinda shameful (--)
    • it was fun FOR ME though. just everyone else had to put up with me calling rick sanchez hot
  • my birthday is not on a final day just between them so no school (+)

  • overall 8/10... tbf last year i had a clown party so cannot top that xx

    the invader zim corner

    the tyler durden row

    i watched this movie like 8 times in the span of 3 days so he gets a section. also because i love men

    the en esch row

    idk he just needs one

    the nevik ogre row

    some videos from earl(ier) youtube i love mwehehehe

    whatever the fuck this ppt is

    this is. extremely dumb but i put good pics on it

    the songs i listen to every birthday without fail