hi!!! this weekend i played stardew and modded my pants. so new bondage pants!! they're wack. also i'm literally writing this in TX govt. yeet.


i want 2 read fanfiction. also i need to turn in some late stuff!! i haven't really seen my pals today because marc had tutoring so i'm just vibing in the library. also i swear i updated this yesterday??? what is going on. i guess i forgot to save, lmao.


gone 4 a few days by accident. oops. anyway,,, i did my art competition! got 3's though which sucked major ass. i know it isn't that bad, but still. i can do better than a fucking three. also just took my texas goverment test and what the fuck is a PAC?


guess this is a thing now. huh. i went to my mentorship today and we didn't really do a whole lot because we were working on the datepicker. also my mom is broke but she keeps getting money from others, so that's nice. we finally have milk again. that's all i have to talk about.