Morningstar is a very very old soul. (Or rather, two old souls) Literally. He's recycled-up souls from older Fates and lemme tell you, these souls has seen some shit. Morningstar deals with all the mess he's seen by just... not! He goes through life in an endless cycle of checking the Future Forecast (not as cool as it sounds unfortunately), distracting himself from the things that could happen, and having a mental breakdown over it later! (haha!)

Existence isn't all doom-and-gloom though. He's got many nice duties, like the occassional judgement and also comforting people around the castle (which he's great at). His life has gotten especially interesting somewhat recently, as the dual Antichrists, subjects of a very old prophecy, were born. One could only wonder what they'll be like when they finally grow up...


death god, fate, also a fusion

ULTIMATE JUDGE. Morningstar is technically never alone, as he's made up of two people! (fun) This is one of the few perks to being a Fate, among others, of course. Morningstar is a mix of the goddess Kali and the neutral part of the Devil Trinity, Morningstar. (didn't even change his name? rude)

Being a Fate sounds cooler than it is. One could imagine that being a Fate is a life of grandeur and winning the lottery whenever you feel like it. As a matter of fact, it is much different than that. It's more like a war zone. You're haunted by the death of people and there seems to be no escape. There are few upsides to being a Fate, and very painful downsides. Fates have the gift of clairvoyance: they can tell the future, even multiple futures. Mostly, they look at the ones mostly likely to happen, and choose their actions afterward. They cannot tell anyone about these futures though, unless the person gets seriously injured or killed. And in that case, only the person it happens to. Tw

The death god part is from Kali. And thankfully, since he's a fate, Morningstar never has to the stuff other death
gods have to do. And he can see death dates. Cool, huh?

Oh! Powers! Morningstar has clairvoyance, age-shifting (you are only as old as you percieve yourself to be.),
necromancy, and the power of judgement without any bias at all.



  • full name: Morningstar Faraj (the other half is Kali. No last name.)
  • nickname: Star, Morning, M
  • age: the body is maybe 5000-ish? the soul is eternal
  • birth date: unknown. was he even born? was kali born? no one tells.
  • gender: divine. (he/him typically. Kali uses she/her)
  • ethnicity: indian, middle eastern
  • orientation: pansexual, technically
  • religion:made from hinduism and christianity/judaism
  • abilities: clairvoyance, age-shifting, necromancy, unbiased judgement
  • spoken languages: demonic, english, arabic, farsi, hindi, and other languages spoken in India. can speak other languages
    but words are much more basic
  • occupation: fate, a judge


  • eye color: gold, a slight hint of blue
  • hair color: black, with a bit of grey
  • height: 7'5
  • body build: tall. on the lean side, slighlt muscular. has a bit of chub but not a ton
  • tattoos
    & piercings:
    nose rings, both sides. earlobes double pierced. tongue pierced where the split is when morningstar is not a fusion.
  • voice claim: maynard, specifically in puscifer. (dozo)
  • face claim: willy cartier
  • notable
    physical traits:
    giant horns (marhkor style) and hooves. in full form has a third eye and four arms. when seperated from Kali,
    has a forked tongue.


  • likes: the sound of acoustic guitars and rainsticks, rain, gold jewelry
  • dislikes: when the visions are too much, scars that he cannot figure out how they got there, the smell of gasoline, order in extremes
  • phobias:loss of control
  • mental: very tired
  • moral alignment:true neutral


  • parents: the Ultimate Being, one could guess
  • siblings:the other fates, probably
  • significant other:he's too busy.
  • children: sadly, none.
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