MANDEE astruria-byström

mixed a stoner and
a raver somehow

Mandee doesn't give a shit.

Not in the sense of "i don't care about anything uwu" but in the true, cosmic sense. I mean, sure, if her best friend got seriously injured, she'd be worried, but for life itself? Nah. I mean, really, is there any real reason she has to plan for the Future? It's not like she can't just figure that later. It's so much more fun to just bumble through life, and so much less stressful.

So honestly? Fuck it, lmao.


high demon, small bit jotuun

PRETTY ODD. First up, the fuck's a demon? These creatures look similar to humans, due to the fact they bred with them. The exception to this is of course, "purist" demons, who believe that humans are "filthy mongrels" and would never breed with them. (wow) Thankfully, those are pretty rare. Demons are technically any Underworldian species that is descended from the Saelvu, the ancient humanoid species, but the actual species with the TITLE demon, is similar to humans but can shift to an animalistic type form.

High demons, however, are the fancy demons. They're typically taller, a bit more close to humans in appearance than others. The subspecies also mostly all descended from corrupted angels! (fun!) These guys have the tendency to be kinda hated because honestly? A lot of them are prissy and fucking jerks. (Mandee is neither. Well, the prissy part, anyway) They sadly DO NOT get their name from being high 24/7. (rip) It's largely due to the fact they were once angels, which were considered highly close to being Divine. (the name is a cruel joke, really) Also probably the fact they're to the fact they're tall as FUCK. Like seriously. These people are usually
like, basketball player height. (except in cases like Mandee, apparently. Thanks mom!)

Mandee's powers are pretty odd for a high demon. Her abilities are mostly wind, while most high demons have
mainly powers having to do with the dead. She can make winds appear, though they're not very strong yet as
she's still young. SHe's particulary good at harnessing cold winds. She has minor necromancy powers, and can
use the black fog abiliies like most demons.



  • full name: Marndiicelha Luncaijoaet Asuuriahez-Bystvomigg (shortened: Mandee Lucai Asturia-Bystrom)h
  • nickname: Dee, Bee
  • age: seventeen
  • birth date: November 6th
  • gender: female
  • ethnicity: white/latina
  • orientation:???? (for SURE likes girls)
  • religion:weed
  • abilities: wind, particularly cold. also fog abilities. minor necromancy.
  • spoken languages: demonic, swedish, spanish, english
  • occupation: high school student


  • eye color: brown
  • hair color: blonde
  • height: 5'7
  • body build: thin, a bit curvy.
  • tattoos
    & piercings:
    a tattoo of a flowery moth under her breasts
  • face claim: triplesix
  • notable
    physical traits:
    large birthmark on her left wrist


  • likes: flowers, the smell of incense smoke, acoustic guitars, heavy bass
  • dislikes:pepsi, legwarmers, febreeze, people speaking too fast
  • phobias:not being allowed in the castle anymore because she said something wrong to the king
  • mental: okay, actually
  • mbti: ENFP
  • moral alignment:chaotic good


  • parents:velsche and miruna astruria-byström
  • siblings:shree astruria-byström
  • significant other:none
  • children: she's seventeen!!!
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